"Meet the Makers": Thorpy Fx

We met with Adrian Thorpe, the mastermind behind Thorpy FX who took the guitar effect world by storm with his pedals proudly handmade in the U.K

Can you introduce yourself a little bit, who are you? I am Adrian Thorpe MBE, a former British Army Major, an explosives expert and a total guitar nut. I have been building effects pedals for a very long time as a way to relax after my stressful day job. I am passionate about what I do and just want musicians to enjoy our effects whether they are amateur players or seasoned pros.

What was your 1st guitar? The first guitar I got was an acoustic when I was 10, it was a cheap catalogue one that I could not play, no matter what I did. Later I realised that it was a left handed guitar that my parents had bought me. My first electric and right handed guitar was a cheap strat copy. This went back within two days and I treated myself to an Epiphone SG.

When was Thorpy FX created? ThorpyFx was formally setup in Nov 2014. We started selling our first pedal, the Gunshot in April 2015. I had however been building pedals since 2003 approximately, just under the Monika Thorpyfx without being an official brand. What was your 1st build ? The first pedal I ever built was a Dallas Rangemaster Clone, it failed to work the first time I fired it up. However, I learnt from my mistake and once fixed it sounded ace.

The music instrument industry isn't currently at its best form due to purchasing behaviour changes and some other factors, why did you decide to join in that crazy world?

Well, you can sit back and wonder why the market is as it is (cheap clones, knockoffs, and poor products) or you can get involved and try to change things for the better. My ethos is to build the best effects I can at a fair price point. I wont race to the bottom and make cheapknockoffs, when you buy ThorpyFx pedals you are buying quality and that is what I want people to think when they buy our pedals.

In your opinion what makes your products stand apart? The looks are different in a great way, they are robustly made, they are handwired to the highest of standards and they sound amazing without any extraneous noise.

what else can we expect from Thorpy? We have LOADS of pedals that we are working on finishing. Everything from modulation through to some weird and wonderful pedals. Indeed, we have just released the Veteran Silicon fuzz and the Fat General Compressor, in May the Team Medic Buffer/EQ/Boost will arrive into the market too.

Do you think the press is giving small luthier/builders enough exposure? I think some of the press are, those that are following the market trends realise that people want to buy high quality and individual effects that cannot be bought from the biggest manufacturers.

Small builder’s effects are often viewed as expensive, what can you tell people to justify those prices?

Buying a boutique pedal is like buying a Tailored suit. The fit, feel and quality just shines through. With a tailored suit you’ll never look better, when you play through a quality boutique pedal you’ll never sound better and therefore you’ll play better.

What sort of people are your pedals & amps aimed at? Pros, amateurs? Our pedals are aimed at touring pros, however that just means that as an amateur player you’ll get professional quality effects for use at home. Low noise, great response and fantastic tone.

What is your bestseller?

The Fallout Cloud, it really does seem to have captured people’s imagination.

Some pretty famous artists have been using your effects, can you give us some examples?

- Ed O’Brien (Radiohead) - Graham Coxon (Blur) - J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) - Oli Brown (Raveneye) - Ariel Posen (Bros Landreth) - Joey Landreth (Bros Landreth) - Matt White (Temperance Movement) - Dave Gregory (XTC) - Chris Robertson (Black Stone Cherry) - Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake, UFO, The Snakes) - Bootsy Collins (Parliament Funkadelic) - Josh Smith (Solo Artist, Joshua and the Bandits) - Dan Rothman (London Grammar) - Pete Honoré (Youtube legend, Session player to Tom Jones, Westlife) - Chris Buck (Buck and Evans) - Mikey Demus (Skindred)

Thorpy Fx Pedals are exclusively available for France at Hurricane Music in Nantes

Check our stock online here

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